Altitis on Xen’drik

(Yes, I had to look up the name of the continent on wikipedia.)

I’m generally not a person that suffers from altitis, the Obsessive Reroll Disorder. I pick a class, and I stick with it, unless I’m really unhappy. Which doesn’t happen often; I guess I’m reasonably good and anticipating what I want – or I’m just undemanding.

Not so with DDO, it seems. When I came back to it this week, I already had a 5 Cleric. To play with my friends, I designed a new character, who right now is a 1 Rogue / 2 Wizard. Then I heard how powerful melee classes can be early on. And I realized that, for whatever reason, I had four character slots instead of two. I can’t remember buying anything off the DDO store except for the port wine for the store breadcrumb quest on the starter island. But it gave me that itch to try out yet another new class. So, meet Dioneo Pavane, right now a 2 Bard.

I built him myself, off one of the standard paths (which is probably a bad idea, given how little I understand of D&D in general and DDO in specific), to get specifically what I wanted: a character that can kick some ass, but still works well as a buffer and off-healer. To be fair though, it will strongly consider suggestions made for the Classic Rocker. I’ll probably go with the Warchanter prestige, but I started with Power Attack and Master’s Touch. The weapon I got from the tutorial quest is powerful enough that I could plow through normal and hard difficulty quests in Korthos Village with ease, so it only took me 2 hours or so to reach level 2. I then took cure light wounds. I’m really looking forward to trying out that build in the other island quests tonight or tomorrow. My friends are both gone for a couple of days, so I have all the time in the world to get my Bard to level 3 or even 4. We would then all have 2 characters each in the same level range, which would make for some nice switching I guess (or, if it goes wrong, endless thinking about which characters we’d rather play).

I realize these posts seriously need some more screenshots. Even I probably won’t want to read these posts in a year to remember what I did, without some eye candy. I’m not sure I’m good at taking nice screenshots, but anything is better than nothing.

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