Dear NCsoft

  1. “Security questions” are the most silly, least secure solution to account safety. I will forget what I typed in here if half of your questions don’t apply to me, and most others are vague enough that several answers are possible. The few remaining ones are probably easy enough to find out if somebody actually is serious about stealing my account.
  2. A limitation of 12 characters to your user names is very restricting. I had to try many times to find something I would be able to remember that wasn’t taken yet.
  3. For the love of god, if you ask me a lot of useless information, including a captcha, don’t throw away all of that information if you tell me that my account name was already taken by someone else.

Seriously. Did you ever hear about this thing called “usability”? I heard it’s pretty awesome, you should look it up.

Yes, I managed to create an account in the end. Though I’m not even sure I want to try out your game still, seeing how much time that has taken out of my evening.

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