I missed the date

I haven’t played WoW much recently. In fact, I’m not sure I played it at all in the last two weeks. Healing random dungeons as a priest was fun for a time, but the new world content didn’t grab me. It’s just all too much Horde vs. Alliance for me. I always played my characters more along the lines of the Cenarion Circle or Argent Dawn. Having this constant fighting being shoved down my throat, and almost no chance to avoid it, is one of the reasons Cataclysm didn’t end up as the thing I was looking for.

Anyway, back to the point. Two weeks of not playing, so that was a good sign to finally cancel my account. Second time since 1.6 only. I even had it in my calendar: 18 October, WoW account renews.

Well, it renewed at 2:32am in the morning. At least now it says 18 November, 2:32 will be the next renew.

Crap. Oh well. Another month to maybe or not play the game more. Another month to tell the few remaining friends what I’m up to. Though with Real IDs, I could’ve done that through Starcraft II for less money.

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