While I’m waiting in the queue…

… and probably for a bunch of days, I’ll use EA’s offer to test-drive SW:TOR this weekend for free. I’m skeptic, because I’m neither a big Star Wars fan, nor eager for another hyper-streamlined theme-parkĀ  MMO, but a free chance to see the best parts of the game (the low-level areas and first two instances)? I’ll take that and then probably walk away again.

4 thoughts on “While I’m waiting in the queue…

  1. I’d offer to walk through it with you but I’m swamped this weekend. I think you’ll enjoy the time spent, even if its not a huge hook for you. If you can only do one starter planet, I think Korribon is the best streamlined and storywise. But if you want a great character story, roll a trooper and ride that puppy as far as you can.

    1. Ah, it’s fine, but thanks for the offer. I started a trooper yesterday and plan to play with a friend over the weekend who rolled a smuggler. I dig chicks in plate if they don’t have to wear chainmail bikinis, and I heard that’s one of the things Bioware got right.

      On my own, I’ll probably try an imperial agent. It was the first character I created right after installation (and 10 minutes before the 2-hour maintenance in the middle of the evening /golfclap), and I really like the voice actor.

      If I still have time, I’ll try out Korribon then. I just read it’s the sith starter planet? Have to see what to do with those guys.

    2. Missed that remark on the first read:

      There’s one problem with “ride the trooper as far as you can”: the free weekend thing caps characters at level 15.

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