MMO Melting Pot Publicity Weekend

Most people who come here to read my posts probably already know about the MMO Melting Pot. In fact, I think a lot of you ended up here because I was featured there. Repeatedly. Hugh obviously considers me a better writer than I do myself! In fact, here’s a small secret: One of the main reasons I finally started blogging again is because I felt like I let down some people by simply disappearing. And by “some people”, I mostly meant Hugh. (And a couple of others, but you won’t find out until you run your own publicity weekend at some point!) So I think I owe him.

Why do I write all this? Because this weekend is “feature the pot if you like it” weekend.

There are some prewritten statements on the site that you can use to help raise publicity for the pot, and if you like it, I encourage you to do so. I’ll use my own words, however: I think the pot is a great idea, and very well-done. It scouts many more blogs than I could possibly read myself (seriously Hugh, you still haven’t told me how you manage to do that!). It allows me to find out about new blogs that I might add to my feed reader. It identifies ongoing trends and discussions in blogs, and focuses and fosters debate about topics that way. And finally, it is there pretty much every single day from Monday to Friday with at least one new post.

All of that makes it much better in my opinion than most “gaming news” or even “MMO news” sites, which often are hopelessly biased. The Melting Pot, on the other hand, showcases different opinions on topics by different authors. While of course the pot staff picks and chooses featured blog articles, this still leads to a far more balanced view on things, and can lead to meaningful debate. Besides, who else would provide you with the news about ongoing debates on topics such as dungeon design, attunements, or morality crossovers between game and real world? So, in short, the pot is the very model of a modern major blog news site.

Oh no, I think he’s going to rhyme!



I am the very model of a modern major blog news site,
I’ve information where and what does happen every day or night,
I scout the blogosphere until I know who is to praise and blame
(as long as it concerns a massive multiplayer online game).

Sometimes I feature single posts although they seem pretentious,
but realize: I do it ’cause that topic is contentious!
At times I present various posts with thoughts on a single topic,
[hm…. topic… such an annoying rhyme and meter… who stresses “topic” on the second syllable?!… Ah, got it!]
my goal is that the debate will progress from being myopic!

At other times, I inform you about the staff behind the pot
or manage a most curious google map: each blogger is a dot.
In short, in matters where and what does happen every day or night
I am the very model of a modern major blog news site!


Sorry! Just felt like it. I’ll spare you the rest. I’m all rhymed out for today. Just go already and read the pot!

3 thoughts on “MMO Melting Pot Publicity Weekend

  1. Aww! Thank you very much – and I am, indeed, very glad you returned to blogging, as I find your posts very interesting.

    I’m an old G&S fan myself – as is Johnnie, I think – so I’m particularly tickled by the song! I might even try singing it some time…

    1. Well, I’ll do my best to continues writing then!

      And the Major General’s song is actually a lot of fun to sing, which I’ve done on one or two occasiopns that typically ended in a lot of disbelief first and laughing thereafter; though, of course, I can’t get the posh upper class accent right. Mine probably more sounds like “It is so wunderbar beink a Mayor Generaaal *click heels*”!

  2. Welcome back! I don’t think Hugh’s endorsement of your writing is at all misplaced 🙂 Keep it up, your articles are the perfect thing to sit down with a drink by a roaring fire to read.

    Hm… now that I think about it, I’ve got some strange tastes in terms of free time.

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