Heads Up: Alliance Tournament

If you’re an EVE player, you probably know about this. If, on the other hand, you’re like me and you’re interested in the game in theory, but rarely play it, you might miss this event otherwise. (I nearly did, I just yesterday asked myself “hasn’t it been a year since the last tournament?”)


For the next three weekends, starting tomorrow, 20 July, the 11th installment EVE Alliance Tournament will take place. Fights start at 13:30 EVE time (15:30 CEST, 9:30 EDT) and continue until 22:00, with a dinner break (or afternoon tea, if that fits your timezone better), each Saturday and Sunday until 4 August. Fights and commentaries will be streamed live, as explained here.

Even though I haven’t actively played EVE in almost a year, I’ll have a look. Last year, I enjoyed watching the fights. I think it’s my preferred form of PvP: watching other people bash each other’s heads in.

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