Updated Look

When I started this blog, I searched around for a nice theme. I wanted something simple, slightly austere, and most important of all: no pictures that I had to make, because I suck at those. I started with Titan, which I modified to my liking.

Titan, however, is more or less a made-from-scratch theme. Which is all fine, but over time, I had a harder and harder time maintaining my changes, and to get Titan play nice with nifty plugins. It required jumping through hoops here and there (which might completely be due to my changes and not the original Titan theme; all my experience with CSS, for example, comes from trial and error.) I decided I needed something new and more maintainable, and that the best bet would be to modify a standard wordpress theme, so I’d get a Titan look with a twenty-something feel.

I tried about half a year ago with the then-current twenty-twelve, but didn’t have much success. I got lost in endless cascades and flexible, but complicated definitions. I gave up.

Twenty-thirteen made it much easier for me to change it to my liking. I played around for about a week now, and am now at the point where I like what I see. Expect minor tinkering here and there in the near future.

Bottom line: If something doesn’t work any more, please tell me.

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