Talking To The Wind, or: When Comments Fail

It seems it’s always feast or famine with posts around here… though the current ones have more to do with the blog itself than with actual content.

Seems at some point in the recent past, Jetpack’s comment feature broke. Comments didn’t go through. I should’ve become suspicious when the number of spam comments went waaaay down. While I always updated the blog with the newest versions of software, I never realized that the coments had broken. I posted so little that I wasn’t surprised that there were no comments. I figured I was simply talking to the wind. I just noticed today when I went over a pre-migration checklist.

Long story short, I can’t figure out what the problem is, so at least for the time being, the standard comment form is active again. It doesn’t look nearly as spiffy, but at least it doesn’t eat all comments.

Of course, I might be talking to the wind anyway, but at least now, there is a chance for people to answer again!

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