I am currently pursuing a PhD in computer science, specifically networking, even more specifically nothing that will be directly applicable to online gaming.

I got my first computer, a PC, in 1990, after having spent years in front of friends’ Ataris and NESs. An avid gamer for more than 20 seasons, I only got interested in MMOs in 2005. For 6 years, I’ve played WoW as my primary MMO, with only very limited stints into other games. After more than 5 years of (sometimes heavy) raiding, I felt that I was slowly outgrowing this way of playing. Add to that the curiosity to delve deeper into other games, and the will to document this for myself and others, and you end up with a blog. At least that’s what happened to me!

If you have something to say about one of my posts, feel free to comment. I typically answer to everything that’s not spam. If you need to contact me about something more general, you can drop me a mail at randomwaypoint (at) fajs (full stop) de.