City of Heroes Doesn’t Want Me (At Least Right Now)

The other day, I felt a bit bored, and couldn’t decide which game to play. Naturally, that meant I wanted to try out yet something new. I pondered Runes of Magic shortly, but then decided being a super hero would be so much more fun.

I never had looked much into CoH. The super hero genre is something I like in small doses. I would probably have tried the game for a bit, then wandered off, not to return at any time this year. Maybe once.

Alas, it seems CoH is in a limbo right now.

Nothing to see here. Please check back later, though!

I am pretty sure CoH used to have a free trial. The link also points into that direction. But it seems that in preparation for making the game “free” (note quotes) to everyone, they shut down the free (note no quotes) trial. That’s a shame, and I’m not really sure why that would be necessary.

Oh well. CoH, you had your chance with me. Judging from experience, you’ll have your next around Summer 2012.

(And in the end, I read a book for a couple of hours, then went to play LotRO.)

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