SOE is conspiring against me yet again

I enjoyed EQ2 quite a bit. Then GU61 came around, and messed with pretty much everything. The bugs that hit my character (randomly resetting AAs for no apparent reasons while I was playing, not being able to zone into the GH, and later not getting out) made me walk away, for the time being, about two weeks ago.

Now that the next weekend is around, and I might have another peek at the game, hoping that most major bugs will have been sorted out, I read that SOE was hit by a power outage.

Let’s see how fast they get back on their knees. Knowing them, and being the snarky guy that I am, I’ll venture forward and say the games will have game-breaking bugs from database or synchronization issues all weekend. SOE, you make it really hard to love your games.

Edit: It gets even better. The last round of “fixes” actually broke more than it fixed. *sigh* Oh well, another EQ2-less weekend, I guess. There’s other options around. Oh the frustration at how this company is managed.

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