I’m Back

Thus ends the winter break.

Christmas was good, had a lot of great food (game – har har).

Japan. Oh my. It’s every bit as good as I remembered in almost all respects, and the rest is still fine. I need to make a battle plan now to finish my PhD. I want to go back. So much.

If anybody knows of a great job opportunity or a language+work program in Japan, for a fresh PhD, starting about mid-2013, pray tell. I’m interested.

7 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Japan – if it wasn’t so far away, I’d definitely be game, for Akibahara alone hehe! many of my friends have been over, they keep bringing me all these fancy figurines and game merch that you usually never find here. 🙂

    Anyway, welcome back! sounds like you had a great time.
    I heard language teachers for English are fairly sought after there.

    1. That is true, but I think they’re looking for native speakers. (I could try German, of course, but I’m not sure how much interest there would be for that…) Plus, I don’t think the jobs are all that well-paid. I’d probably only take that as a last resort.

      And yeah, there’s awesome merchandise. I brought something cool for my office, I’ll make a photo and post it here as soon as it’s installed, because it’s game-related enough to warrant a picture on a gaming blog. 🙂

  2. Just say you’re a native speaker, it’s not like they can tell the difference! lol x)
    it’s how I got my current job, no kiddin’. didn’t know you were also German native!

    1. Hehe. Yeah, chances are most Japanese couldn’t tell, except maybe for the accent.
      So you’re no native speaker either, but got a job that technically required it?

      1. Let’s say it was considered a big ‘pro’; but yes, I would also apply to jobs that require it.

        the ‘native speaker’ thing is a bit silly imo, because it’s not synonym to being great in your language. I consider English on the level of a ‘second language’ for me, even if it isn’t my mother tongue. I certainly think (and know for a fact) that the average English native speaks worse and writes worse English than me (I have both a linguistic and literature degree in English, besides having spent extensive time in English speaking countries and communities.I write short fiction and poetry in English). so if they ask for native speakers, what is it they actually ask for? if it’s top language skills – well I have them and they can always try me. everything else doesn’t matter, neither to them nor to me. the fact that after one year still nobody has noticed kinda proves my point. 🙂

        oh and Deutsch ist meine Muttersprache. 😉

        1. I was told before that I write English better than most native speakers, and at the risk of sounding snotty, I think that might actually be true. I don’t have any English degrees, but I spend most of my time at work reading and writing technical English. I’ve played online for more than 6 years now, which means countless hours on vent working on my more *ahem* down-to-earth language skills.

          I’m probably at about the level a bilingual kid would have growing up in a country that doesn’t speak English. I’m certainly missing the stuff that you only learn if you live in a country, but other than that, I’m quite happy and confident in my level of proficiency. I better be, because it’s the only language (other than German) I can speak at a level I’m content with.

          And… ach, das wusste ich gar nicht. 🙂

  3. Hehe, we are everywhere! 😉
    Well your English sounds fine to me too, really shouldn’t create any sort of disadvantage for a job that isn’t in a complete, linguistic niche or something.

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