I’m still in Japan, but through the miracle of scheduled posts, I can give you this picture or men (well, a dwarf) at work (or not).

Hardly working...

In other news, this blog is still in December hibernation, and will be until I’m back and Christmas is over. I’m totally enjoying Japan right now, and it will allow me to skip the presumed massive landslide of SWTOR posts, a game that I decided some time ago I won’t play anyway. Definitely not at release. So I’m not missing much there.

I’m going to play on a PS Vita today or tomorrow though, when it comes out! Muahaha!

2 thoughts on “Intermission

  1. Heya Tab, sorry I never replied to your comment on my blog post, looks like I’m just not made for blogs I am terrible at keeping track of it and actually making posts once in a while.

    I hope you’re having a wonderful time in Tokyo, sadly I won’t be able to get myself over there this month. I’ll be in Munich to give a presentation on my thesis in March though.

    You should have my email through this post if not just say so I’ll provide you with it and I’d like to add you to Facebook if you happen to have it.

    Once again sorry for the tardiness of my reply, I’d like to keep contact better 😉

    In other news, I seem to agree with your views quite often (I’ve been back-reading into your blog a bit today) except for the TES part, I really never could get into Oblivion, I even bought it a while back of Steam wanting to give it another shot but it just can’t grab my attention for some reason. I expect it’s because of the world being too open-ended. I’ve never been a fan of sandbox games or games that approach that kind of mentality.

    Anyways, I will leave you here, hoping you have a great time left in Japan, have a wonderful Christmas and wish you all the best for 2012 just in case you won’t be able to check your blog until that time.

    Best of all,

    Jarl (Jafba 😉 )

  2. Don’t worry, my first (and only, before here) attempt at a blog was also a “Hey, I’m in Japan!” type of blog that died after about 7 posts.

    I definitely enjoyed Japan again, it was very late-autumn-y. So much warmer and nice than in Germany at the moment. :S I really want to go back now, I better finish my PhD and look for some job or work + language study program!

    Sadly, Munich is half a day trip each direction for me, so I’m not sure I’d actually make it over there.

    Thanks for the wishes and good to see you enjoy reading some of my posts. If I have time while I’m visiting family, I might write a couple of short (or one long) post about Japan vs. Germany, but no promises there. Other than that, I should be back to normal schedule the week after.

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