Steam is nice to me

As you might know by now, I have a love-hate relationship with Steam. They have lots of games, especially old ones that are hard to come by otherwise. But their prices are insanely high. Unless they have sales, then their prices are insanely low. They have many cool games I’d like to play at some point. But some of them come with ugly restrictions if you happen to live in the wrong country.

Steam is trying to show some goodwill though. They gave me a refund on Fallout 3, which I bought without realizing said restrictions. It’s “only” Steam wallet instead of a real money refund, but oh well. I admit that it was at least partially my fault. And I’ll find games to spend the money on. Also, you supposedly can combine several methods of payment, so I will be able to spend the full refund, instead of being stuck with 2,13 €.

So +1 for Steam in that respect. Now excuse me, I’ll have to play some games again I bought on Steam, or I’ll never be able to catch up and finish all of them that I bought during Winter Sale before the next sale comes around.

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