This week, I hit 1000 page views since the blog started (or whatever WordPress’ Jetpack defines as “views”). Well, not quite, the statistics only go back to 6th of August, but not much happened before then anyway. So it took me almost exactly 7 months. It’s gotten a lot faster recently though. Around New Years, I had just a bit less than 500. Apart from Blogroll links on other websites, the main contributor has been MMO Melting Pot, which mentioned me for the first time six weeks ago, and twice more since then. It’s not a huge number, but I’m quite happy with this little milestone.

I hope I’ll be able to get back to a schedule of two posts a week, which seems to fit me best. Thanks to all my readers, many or not, long-time or new, faithful or passers-by!

3 thoughts on “1000 Views

  1. Grats!

    I find it really helpful when bloggers I read mention their page views and similar statistics. Wilhelm at TAGN recently posted his five year data which i found very interesting.

    I’m not sure how meaningful the data is – apparently RSS feed reads aren’t counted if you don’t click through to the website itself and I know that I increasingly don’t do that for the bloggers i read who I know don’t use pictures. Even so it’s nice to have something to benchmark against.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, for RSS feeds, you have to make do with other statistics. Feedburner has this “reader count”, but it’s more of a heuristic, I think.

    I have plans to make a statistics post for the one-year anniversary. That’ll give me something to write about, and it’s a goal to survive until then! 😉 I won’t make a monthly post like Wilhelm, because frankly, there’s not enough happening to fill a post with it.

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