SW:TOR: First Impression

And I mean “very first”:

Downloading, downloading, downloading. 21 GB for a demo, yay. Full voiceovers and all, I get it, but 21GB? Alright, it just looks like you download the whole game, so oh well.

Oh, I’m ready to start. Ah, an intro video. With some talking, and then, immediately the Sith attack. Lots of fighting. And more fighting. Shooting and lightsabre battles. And more of them. And more. This video is quite long *twiddling thumbs* I want to play finally!

Ah, finally. I get to choose my allegiance. Oh… another intro video… for my faction. More lightsabre-fighting ad nauseam *yawn*. I’ll get a drink. Alright, I’m back with my drink, and they’re still not done fencing it out? Now I know why this game is 21 gigs.

Ah, time to create my character. Cute options overall, though 90% of the faces are kinda ugly, and the scars are mostly so overdone they don’t look useable. But I’m ok with the result. Oh look, another cutscene! At least it’s in-game and not another video. Right, “agent, go infiltrate the planet”, yadda yadda. Alright, finally, off I go!

“The servers will be shut down in 10 minutes for a 2-hour maintenance.”

2 thoughts on “SW:TOR: First Impression

    1. I’m not kidding, maybe just a bit harsh, but that’s exactly how it happened. The first message I saw after finally getting into the game on Thursday evening was the 10 minute warning.

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