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I love it when a plan comes together

I said in my not-so-enthusiastic review about SW:TOR that I would probably buy the game if I could get it for less than 30 Euros. I’ve been checking every now and then. The box price kept inching slowly, Euro by Euro, to the 30 Euro margin. Not without a few strange setbacks – sometimes, it would cost 3 Euros more than the day before. Finally, I found this price yesterday:

So I kept true to my word and ordered it. I won’t have much time to play at all in the next week or two. I might not even sign up with the free month until then. Actually, the main reason I ordered it now and not at a later point is logistics: there will be some troubles with receiving parcels for me, starting from next week. I won’t go into the details, because they’re utterly boring, but bottom line is, my convenient way of picking up orders that were delivered during the day on my way home in the evening is going away. The alternative would be to pick them up the next day in the main post office, which always has at least a 30 minute queue. So order last night it was.

Thuul: if you read this, I’ll probably be up for a bit of TORing soon.

SW:TOR: First Impression

And I mean “very first”:

Downloading, downloading, downloading. 21 GB for a demo, yay. Full voiceovers and all, I get it, but 21GB? Alright, it just looks like you download the whole game, so oh well.

Oh, I’m ready to start. Ah, an intro video. With some talking, and then, immediately the Sith attack. Lots of fighting. And more fighting. Shooting and lightsabre battles. And more of them. And more. This video is quite long *twiddling thumbs* I want to play finally!

Ah, finally. I get to choose my allegiance. Oh… another intro video… for my faction. More lightsabre-fighting ad nauseam *yawn*. I’ll get a drink. Alright, I’m back with my drink, and they’re still not done fencing it out? Now I know why this game is 21 gigs.

Ah, time to create my character. Cute options overall, though 90% of the faces are kinda ugly, and the scars are mostly so overdone they don’t look useable. But I’m ok with the result. Oh look, another cutscene! At least it’s in-game and not another video. Right, “agent, go infiltrate the planet”, yadda yadda. Alright, finally, off I go!

“The servers will be shut down in 10 minutes for a 2-hour maintenance.”