Hear ye, hear ye! Gather round, fellow Templars!

It has been brought to my attention that the preorders for The Secret World have started. With quite an interesting preorder system:

The basic game costs 50 Euros, with the by-now expected pre-release beta weekend events, a day or two of head start, and some in-game cosmetic fluff. In addition, you’re allowed to reserve a character name. You then have the choice of several additions:

  1. The Initiate Pack at an addition 15 Euros: some high-quality starter items and some more cosmetic fluff.
  2. The Master Pack at 60 Euros: 30 additional days of game time included, an additional name reservation, even more cosmetic fluff, and a lifetime 10% reduction on all items in the item store (yes, there will be an item store).
  3. The Grand Master Pack at 200 Euros: a lifetime subscription to the game.
  4. Additional character slots and name reservations at 10 Euros each.

To make this list even more intuitive *cough*, The Grand Master Pack includes the Master Pack, but not the Initiate Pack. So a lifetime subscription of the game, plus the maximum fluff, would stand at 265 Euros.

Breathe. Breathe. It’s ok, we got you. Breeeeaaaathe.

Now see, that’s much better.

Thankfully, it was already announced that the lifetime subscription will be available for a limited time after the official release. That will give me time to actually look at that game. So for now, it will be the basic game for me. I won’t have to do a leap of faith. Which is good, because I’m horrible at leaping. And because I know that, however excited I am about what I’ve seen of this game, there is a high chance I’ll be disappointed. Not so much because it’s Funcom, and they have a bad track record.

No, rather because, the last game I was so excited about before release was… Vanguard.

2 thoughts on “OMG OMG Preorder OMG OMG

  1. LOL =) I expected to find a GW2 pre-order topic here!
    I originally planned to play TSW, but then I read some stuff on out-of-game quest solving via web browser etc. and was really turned off, heh…

    1. Hehe. For some reason, GW2 is something I really only watch from the sidelines, without any real passion. I don’t know why. Maybe because I never even played GW1. Maybe also because I’m looking for different settings right now, which is where TSW caught me.

      But I see your point on TSW. I’m not really sure how the game will turn out.

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