Back From Antipodistan

Thus ends the summer break. And, incidentally, summer, around here. On my last day of vacation, it was 32 degrees. At home, it’s barely above 12.

I went through the middle of Australia, saw a lot of nothing (and totally enjoyed it!), some kangaroos and wallabies (alive), a lot of kangaroos and wallabies (dead), didn’t get bitten by any spider, nor by any snake, nor eaten or stung by save what I think must’ve been some sort of harmless jellyfish. At least it only hurt for about 5 minutes, and I didn’t stop breathing.

I think this picture sums up (at least part of) my vacation quite well:


Now I have to update games. And get back into them. And see whether I can come up with something to write about them!

Oh, and do a lot of laundry.

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