The Curious Case of Healer Queues

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in a duty finder queue as a white mage. And sitting. And sitting. I first thought it was broken, because I didn’t even get any DPS to keep me company while we were waiting on a tank. Earlier on, I did eventually get a group, though.

FFXIV might be the first game I’ve played where at least in the mid-game, healers seem to be in less demand than DPS. (I can tell from LFGs that it’s not the case at the level cap.)

Or maybe the duty finder is indeed just buggy, after all.

Oh! At least now it decided, after 10 minutes, to give me an ETA. 22 minutes. Great.

I should’ve continued leveling my paladin…

4 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Healer Queues

    1. I’m not sure I follow… you wanted to play a healer, but not if you have to wait too long for groups?

      I wonder whether this is mostly because the dungeon I was looking for is one of the “site dungeons” that you actually have to discover via a quest given by a nondescript guy somewhere in the world. Which in itself is both an incredibly cool old-school thing, and doesn’t mesh well with a dungeon finder. (I also had little success getting a group LFG’ing at the entrance. My guess would be that more than 50% of the players probably don’t even know the dungeon exists.)

      1. I guess I just meant that the game sounded so good in the last post it was surprising to find something negative. I do like the class system but I wish they had taken even more from FFT like Support/Equip abilities that let you really dig in and customize your character.

        1. Yeah, I think overall, I would’ve preferred a golden path between the freedom to screw yourself over of TSW, and the restricted path of FFXIV (especially once you specially in an advanced job, your choice of mixin spells gets severely reduced).

          When it comes to negative things, I think fates are my biggest gripe. Which is probably not a big surprise, because I’ve never been a fan of those rush-and-spam-ze-button events in any game. One of these days, I might try to figure out what I don’t like about it, and write a post about it. Or maybe even if I don’t figure it out…

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