Dual-Use Post

Two short bits of information:

Migration Period

No, not that migration period.

No, not that migration period.

First, the short-term one. I will have to move the server this blog resides on. If all goes well, it’ll happen this weekend. If not, some time later in the first half of February. You probably will see some hiccups, and the server might be unavailable for some time (for the tech-savvy people: that’s mostly because the IP will change and, sadly, I cannot influence the DNS caching times). It’ll be back.

Hibernation Period

Now for the medium-to-long term one. As you’ve noticed, my posting volume has gone way down. To be honest, and even though that makes me a bit sad, I fear that this won’t change for some time. I’m currently in the phase of writing down my dissertation for my PhD. It’s not quite going as I had hoped, but the effect on this blog is that, after spending most of my time writing proposals, papers, and (in the little time that remains) dissertation sections these days, I’m too tired of writing to write on this blog in my free time. I just want passive entertainment in the evenings. However, I’ve not given up on the blog yet. If I ever do that, I’ll let you know. For now, I’ll just write when I feel like it, because keeping a strict schedule will definitely sap the fun out of it. I still feel like eventually, I’ll get back to it.

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