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    1. Indeed.

      Prof. Bartle (he is a professor, isn’t he? I don’t know what the formal requirements are in the UK concerning “mere” lecturer vs. professor) has made it clear before that he has the impression that Wildstar is another very prominent example of a common theme in recent years: taking his idea and getting it wrong. Or taking the name and consciously slapping it onto another concept. I’m not sure which one applies in the case of Wildstar.

      Since he can’t make them not misappropriate his ideas, he’s done the next best thing he can: post sharp and dismissive remarks. Which is just as well, because he’s pretty good at it. Must be the Englishness. 😉

      1. Indeed. He had a comment up at one point… but not at his blog… and I cannot find it… where he lamented how the WildStar team had misconstrued what he meant. An explorer, for example, wants to explore all aspects of a game, so the idea that there would be and explorer path is silly. And explorer will want to try all the paths, not just the one designated. Fun stuff.

        1. Yeah, and especially an explorer would not want an achiever-focused list to tick items off of.

          I remember the comment you mention. I thought it was a blog post. It might’ve been just on Google+, but it generally works the other way round (not all his blog posts are on Google+, but everything that’s there is also on his blog).

          1. The more I think about it, the less I’m sure there’s actually that one post that says it. It might just be an amalgamation of comments he left on other blogs.

            1. Well, at some point he wrote about the explorer wanting to try all the paths in WildStar specifically. I remember that. Just not where he wrote that particular item. And he has written about WildStar off and on and in a few different forums since they announced the whole “Bartle types” thing. Another bit of data adrift on the vast sea that is the internet.

    1. There should be one below the post. Although it probably would be fairer to use the one on Richard Bartle’s site, which also has them.

      Unless that was meant metaphorically, in which case I’ll just shut up. 😉

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