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No Heart for Shotacon

The whole TERA debate isn’t over yet. After we’ve discussed sexualized costumes (everybody seems to agree they’re bad, just not whether hilariously bad or repulsively bad), the next topic is the Elin. A childlike race with the TERA-typical sexualized costumes. Oh, and they only exist as female versions. It’s like TERA is brinkmanship incarnate of questionable model design.

I’ll stay out of the moral implications and discussions. Too easy to sink in and not get out, plus I’m not good with conviction anyway. Instead, I want to look at it from a strictly intellectual point of view, at which point most of the discussion becomes quite boring. Lolicon has been discussed for years, so nothing new to get from there. I am interested, however, why there are no male Elin. (Yes, there are the Popori, but they don’t qualify.) Is shotacon so much less popular in Korea than lolicon that they didn’t consider it worth putting them into the game, too?