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Blog Vacation

Technically, it’s not only my blog, because I’m gone for some time, too. And technically, it’s not only vacation, because the first part will be conference travel for work, where I’ll present some of my work (yay for it being an important step towards handing in my dissertation, boo for the inevitable stage fright). By this time tomorrow, I’ll already be on my way.

It’s special for me, not only because it is one of the better conferences to end up at, but also because it means returning to my old love Japan, and Tokyo to boot! I was there for a year when I was still an undergrad (it’s been six years?!), and it was immensely awesome. I hope everything is as great as I remember. Can’t wait to finally go back to Kyūshū Jangara Ramen. If you ever are in Tokyo, don’t miss them. And then there’s Akihabara. And Shibuya. And I still got friends there I can visit!

Yes, I’m excited, how did you guess?

However, vacation also means that I’ll only have intermittent Internet access. And I won’t have time to play games. That means I don’t have much to write about in he first place. And when I’m back, I’ll have to get the last presents, and jump right into pre-christmas stress. So don’t expect a lot of posts here until Christmas, or even New Year’s. I’ll be back, though. Promise.

I still got a lot of games to play, after all!