I learned one thing

There are many things that can keep you from posting. For me, it started with being really engulfed into EVE, and the old problem: do I rather want to play, or write about playing? It continued then with extra load from work, and a bad cold that disabled me for a week. And then, suddenly, it was several weeks, almost a month, since the last post. And I felt slightly intimidated to start again. With that much of a break, you’d need a killer of a post as a comeback, right? So, I waited even more to come up with something amazing. At some point, I didn’t even read other people’s posts any more because I started feeling bad about just dropping out.

Long story short, rule number 1: never ever stop posting. It’ll just make it that much harder to get back. Write silly uninteresting stuff rather than nothing.

3 thoughts on “I learned one thing

  1. Small posts are always fine for getting back in the grind. Your regular readers enjoy the dropped note catching them up and letting them know you are still alive, and it takes awhile to build back up to long writing, I think. That’s just my two cents from my (multiple) hiatus’s though!

    1. Good to know, thanks! I’m currently trying to get into the groove again. I just realized that sometimes, it’s hard to write about your day-to-day business in a game like EVE. We’ll see what’ll come out of that. I think I might get some additional ideas while I catch up on blog posts by other people from the last 2 months.

      Surprisingly, while my visitor number obviously dropped, it didn’t return to zero; I had a couple of hits every day on average, mostly to linked posts and those that I assume rate high up with google. In addition, my feed subscriber number stayed exactly the same. I’m still trying to figure out whether that’s people having the faith I’ll come back and hope for lots of awesome posts – or they’re just lazy and don’t clean up their feed lists often. 😉

      1. I tend to be lax on cleaning my feed and blog side bar for this very reason. (-:

        EVE I found I talked less about the game and mechanics and more about the stuff we were doing in corp or generally in game “news” items. In hindsight, that shouldn’t be surprising given that that’s most of what drives the game.

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