Restarting My Feed Reader

So, as I said in my short “I’m not dead” post, I stopped reading other people’s blogs for some time, too. They had the gall to keep posting, though! The nerve! So when I opened my feed reader, I was greeted by no fewer than 812 MMO blog posts.


There was no way I would be able to read them all in any sensible amount of time, so I had to grab my machete and cut down left and right. I went through all posts and marked as read lots of them, depending on their topics. I marked as read, but didn’t read:

  • Everything related to Guild Wars 2. I’m not all that interested in the game. Maybe I’ll try it at a later point, but I only skimmed over the beta-related posts when I was still reading daily, so this was a no-brainer. I guess if I’m interested, I’ll just read whatever posts will float by from now on.
  • Everything related to Mass Effect 3. I haven’t played the game yet, but want to at some point. I didn’t read any of those posts because 90% of them were about the game’s ending, and as such spoilers. All I gathered was that the ending sucked, and that people weren’t out of their minds with astonishment over the alternate ending either.
  • Everything related to SW:TOR. That means one blog got completed marked as read without ever looking at the posts. Sorry Shintar of Going Commando! I just never got into the game. Just like with Guild Wars 2 however, I’ll probably read what will float by from now on. From skimming over posts in other blogs, I gathered that there are server merges (probably a healthy thing), some confusion about the implementation of said merges, and an unlimited trial just like with WoW and RIFT. That’s all I need to know right now.
  • Almost everything related to Diablo 3. Beta didn’t grab me, so eh.
  • Most things related to RIFT. I read there will be an expansion. My highest character is somewhere in the 40ies. I’ll probably follow the news once the expansion is released.

Of course, that means I probably missed a lot. The whole 38 Studios fiasco is something I only heard very vague things about, and might read up on at a later point. There was some coverage about City of Steam in some blogs, but it went unread by me. Finally, sorry to the MMO Melting Pot! You’re great, but I had almost 100 posts from your feed, and seeing how each of these links to, on average, 2-3 other blog posts, that went out of hand too fast. I marked as read everything except for the last 5 posts. It’s sad, but I had to cut somewhere.

Now I’m down to 324 posts. Hm. Might still take some time until I’m back on top of everything.

5 thoughts on “Restarting My Feed Reader

    1. Priorities indeed.
      You are up top at my list for reading in any case because of two reasons: a) I like your blog, and I think it was actually the first one I read on a regular basis two years ago or so, and b) a very practical one: “Ancient Gaming Noob, The” is pretty far up my alphabetically sorted list of blobs.

      (edit: I meant blogs! What a Freudian slip when talking about EVE.)

      You can be happy you took “Wilhelm Arcturus” as EVE name, and not “Ancient Gaming Noob”. I’m sure you’d lose a lot more ships during fleet operations otherwise…

    1. Diagonal reading, that is, reading fast and effectively absorbing vast amounts of text in short time, is one of the skills that, for one reason or another, I never learned at university, even though it seems vital for at least for some degrees. (Guess I’m lucky I chose another!) I always wonder how you manage to wade through the sheer amount of text that you must be buried under in your feed reader.

      Anyway, I managed to read the first 80 already, so go me!

    2. In fact, that might make a good post for some day: “How the Melting Pot manages to comb through all those posts”. How do you manage to read all the material? Do you use a filing system to match posts with similar topics? And so on.

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