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Office Forecast: Cloudy With a Chance of Spinies

I promised I’d make a photo as soon as I installed it, so here it is:

Lakitu cloud with Spiny

Careful when you enter, you'll be right in the drop zone.

It’s a Lakitu/Jugem plushie, with a Spiny/Togez┼Ź dangling underneath. It’s incredibly soft plush, which is totally wasted now that people won’t really touch it. It looks very cute though. I bought it at Kotobukiya in Akihabara, a shop that specializes in merchandise such as plushies, figurines, and plastic models that you assemble yourself. I just had to get it, and it also was cheaper than a similarly sized Mario on a Yoshi (I guess you pay popularity tax on that one).

I also like the joke that whenever somebody enters our office, he’ll now be standing under it. It’s like a nerd’s sword of Damocles, with the difference that our Lakitu is fixed in place, so you can evade it easily. It will also be interesting to see whether some people won’t know what it is. If any student doesn’t, I’ll thow him out. He should not be allowed to call himself a computer scientist if he doesn’t know the basics!